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2 Days in Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, bustling with huge malls, palaces, temples, markets and a lot more things to see and explore. There’s always a time crunch for people traveling to Thailand as it’s big and there are a lot of destinations to cover. 2 days are decent enough to see and experience various things that this city has to offer. Being a backpacker, obviously, we like to stay at affordable hostels or hotels. Khao San road and the old quarter is the major backpacker hub of Bangkok and the best place to stay as everything you want to see, do and experience would be nearby so this cuts the major cost of transportation. Depending on which airport you land in Bangkok, it takes nearly an hour in public transport to reach Khao San, and there you’ll see the first look of Bangkok. The streets are a little quiet in the afternoons, but comes to life as it gets dark, so missing the fun and action is not an option as it has a variety of eating …