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Wat Rong Khun, Thailand

2 Days in Chiang Rai, Thailand

The North of Thailand is as beautiful as South, in fact, it’s magical and very soothing. Chiang Rai lies to the north of Thailand close to Laos. The town is surrounded by scenic mountains, forest cover numerous temples and many places to relax. 2 days are more than enough to experience this beautiful town. The best way to get around is by hiring a scooter as the main attractions are a bit far from the center. The most important and famous attraction to see here is Wat Rong Khun, commonly known as the White Temple which is something marvelous to see. A Buddhist temple, made of all white material and carved out designs depicting various aspects of life like greed, desire, salvation etc. The temple lies around 15 km from the center and the way throughout is amazing. Located at a fair distance is the hidden Khun Korn Waterfall, which falls under national forest region. Surrounded by dense greenery and a narrow path, a short trek leading to this beautiful waterfall is really worth it. …