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A Vegetarian’s Guide to Thailand

Thailand being a coastal country is famous for its seafood and is a paradise for seafood lovers. Being a vegetarian, you need to look a little harder to find places which serve good vegetarian food. With the growing number of tourists and a good number of vegetarian clientele nowadays, there are more and more restaurants serving vegetarian options. Whether you are in the South or North of Thailand, you will get good vegetarian cuisine options. Being a foodie, I cannot stay away from food. Though I love trying local cuisine, being a vegetarian leaves me with a few options throughout the world. At the same point in time, I love having my kind of food if I find an Indian restaurant during my travel and Thailand has them in plenty as Indian tourists have a major share in total tourism of Thailand. Being a tropical country Thailand enjoys amazing varieties of fruits, majorly Pineapples, Mango, Watermelon etc., so for fruit lovers, Thailand is the perfect place. Plus there are many traditional dishes that are being …

Veg Meal

A Vegetarians guide to Istanbul

While travelling, It sometimes become tough to find vegetarian food. Being a pure vegetarian I also was skeptical while making plans to go to Turkey, which is world famous for its Kebabs and a lot of other non-vegetarian dishes, but trust me, Turkey has a lot to offer for vegetarians too. Here I am sharing a few vegetarian Turkish delicacies which would be a delight to your taste buds. Çiğ Köfte ‘Raw Meat’, is the translation….Don’t worry you still are reading about Vegetarian food in Turkey. This dish traditionally is Raw Meat Balls but the vegetarian version is more popular. It’s made with Bulgur, tomato paste, onion and a lot of turkish spices and herbs.  This incredibly simple delicacy is rich in taste and also very filling, turkish people savour it as a starter or an appetizer but for many it acts as a main dish too. You can ask for the dish to be less spicy or more, but it definitely would be a little bit spicy so prepare your tastebuds accordingly. This is …

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For the Sweet Tooth in Turkey

Turkey has a lot to offer for the sweet lovers. Turkish sweets are renowned and loved worldwide for their rich ingredients and taste. Some of the must haves are Lokum Also known as Turkish Delight. This undoubtedly is the brand ambassador of Turkish sweets. It is Jelly based sweet dusted with sugar powder and comes in hundreds of flavours to choose from. The basic ones are rose, pomegranate, pistachio, mastic, orange etc. There are a lot of upgraded versions of Lokum too which ranges from flavours like chocolate filled with nuts, nougat, herbs etc. This definitely is a must have and makes a very good souvenir to take back home for family and friends. You can find Lokum at almost every third shop in the touristic areas, specially Grand Bazar. A good advice is to get them packed then and there rather than taking the pre packed boxes. BAKLAVA The rich sweet pastry, having each layer filled with assorted nuts & sugar syrup and topped up with a lot of chopped pistachios would make your …