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Souvenir Collection, Map my Escape

Souvenir Collection

Souvenirs are undoubtedly the most treasured materialistic possession of a traveler. Anything that makes you remind of the place or the city or the country that you have been to holds a very important place in your memory because they are the things that keep you connected to the place after your return. You can always look back and cherish the impact that your travel has left on you.   I am a fanatic when it comes to souvenirs. With a travel room in my home specially dedicated for souvenirs from all around the world and all the places that I have visited, the collection has things as small as a pin badge, to t-shirts, to flags, to maps, to custom novelties, to currencies to boarding passes and the list is endless. They are my treasures and are being kept in the special travel trunks that give a perfect storage to them and motivation to me for traveling more and more as this is what I passionately live for. I try getting my hand on almost …