Month: July 2017

Map my Escape, Travel Group


It’s a myth that you got to have a lot of resources or  money to travel, rather, the resource which is needed the most is  passion for travelling and willingness to move out of your comfort zone  and explore the beauty & diversity in this world. Try cutting down the unnecessary expenditure that you do everyday just to socialize or without any reason. You will be amazed to see  that just by cutting on a little spending everyday, you are able to save a big amount at the end of the month. Start with researching and then zeroing down on the place to be explored. Internet is the biggest,  best & cheapest resource for all the information, trust me, it helps you save a lot of money. Select the  destination whether domestic or international which fits your pocket the best, as we backpackers need to be a bit calculative so that we can afford to travel continuously and live a lot of different experiences. If the destination is domestic,then there’s  not much work to be …