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Knowing and Getting around Chiang Mai

The cultural capital of Thailand, Chiang Mai is also the fourth largest city and a major hub for travelers visiting the north of Thailand. Being covered with lush green mountains and surrounded by beautiful architecture and temples, this city is definitely one of the best places in the country. Chiang Mai is easy to reach as it has regular flight connections from Bangkok and other cities, plus the flights are really cheap if you book a little in advance. There are many great and diverse things to do in Chiang Mai and also getting around Chiang Mai is quite easy as there are many options like Songthaew (red truck cars), tuk-tuks, and you can also rent a bicycle or a scooter which is the best way to get around the city. The traffic is moderate except in the peak hours in the evening. There is an old city which is being surrounded by a canal and gates on all the 4 sides. This adds charm to the beauty of Chiang Mai. To take a walk …