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It’s a myth that you got to have a lot of resources or  money to travel, rather, the resource which is needed the most is  passion for travelling and willingness to move out of your comfort zone  and explore the beauty & diversity in this world.

Try cutting down the unnecessary expenditure that you do everyday just to socialize or without any reason. You will be amazed to see  that just by cutting on a little spending everyday, you are able to save a big amount at the end of the month. Start with researching and then zeroing down on the place to be explored. Internet is the biggest,  best & cheapest resource for all the information, trust me, it helps you save a lot of money. Select the  destination whether domestic or international which fits your pocket the best, as we backpackers need to be a bit calculative so that we can afford to travel continuously and live a lot of different experiences. If the destination is domestic,then there’s  not much work to be done  but if its international, first read about the visa obtaining process and other formalities needed & then book the air tickets, compare and take the maximum use of promotional schemes & cashbacks while booking air tickets. Travel Insurance is a must if traveling internationally, as it is a little spending which gives you a peace of  mind.

Backpacking is  all about experiencing maximum in minimum cost, so try ditching a stay at  luxury hotels, rather look for hostels as they are cheap, clean and very lively, plus you get to meet a lot of new people with like minds sharing their traveling experiences and adventures. While you are there to explore the particular place, spend on experiences, adventures and activities rather than a whole lot of dollars on stay, as you are there exploring the whole day and only in the night you need a place to sleep, hostels are the best option or if you have friends in that place or if you are lucky to get a chance to stay with locals, grab it (not blindly, but if you find genuine people), it saves a lot of money and also gives you the feel of the place. For experiences and activities also, try searching for the best rates, it takes a little effort but saves a good amount of money, as competition between the companies is a blessing for us travelers.

If by putting in a little effort you can save some money, you can always buy some cute and little souvenirs to take back home which keeps the beautiful memories of the trip afresh and acts as an asset for you as a traveler. Make friends wherever you go, for you don’t know what role that person has in your life. This is the best part of travelling that you make friends across the globe, you share your culture and experience with them and they do  the same with you. You get to know how big this world is and this motivates you to explore more & more, although you have to be cautious while making friends and getting close to them, but everything is good and falls in place if  you are good.

Make traveling and exploring as your motivation, as this motivation would make you work hard to arrange resources to travel. Life is one, explore as much as you can. There’s a lot to be learned wherever you go. Happy explorative traveling.


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