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Souvenir Collection

Souvenir Collection, Map my Escape

Souvenirs are undoubtedly the most treasured materialistic possession of a traveler. Anything that makes you remind of the place or the city or the country that you have been to holds a very important place in your memory because they are the things that keep you connected to the place after your return. You can always look back and cherish the impact that your travel has left on you.


I am a fanatic when it comes to souvenirs. With a travel room in my home specially dedicated for souvenirs from all around the world and all the places that I have visited, the collection has things as small as a pin badge, to t-shirts, to flags, to maps, to custom novelties, to currencies to boarding passes and the list is endless. They are my treasures and are being kept in the special travel trunks that give a perfect storage to them and motivation to me for traveling more and more as this is what I passionately live for. I try getting my hand on almost everything that connects me to the place I’ve been to, some of the diverse collections includes

1.Maps – As the first thing that gives me a kick to explore any place, pocket maps are a sure thing that I carry back home from every place that I visit.

2.Currency – I was always interested in collecting coins and notes of different countries since my school days, so now I make sure to get different denomination notes and coins of each country that I go to and put it in my collection which is ever growing.

3.Magnets and Keychains – For the purpose of gifting as well as a collection, these are the most loved souvenirs throughout the world as they depict the different aspects and places of a country and are very easy to carry too.

4.T-Shirts – It is a must for me to buy a T-Shirt from every city and country I visit, they are one of the perfect memoirs to be cherished and remind.

5. Personalised Souvenirs – Many destinations have some specialty souvenirs which can be personalized by your name and a background of that country or city such as the sand art souvenir in the Dubai Desert or a personalized passport cover in Thailand etc. Every time you look at them, you find yourself back there again in your heart.

6. Boarding Passes – Sounds a bit unusual but I save all my boarding passes as a memory and Souvenir of my trips which inspires me to travel and explore more and more.

7. Information Pamphlets and Small cards – I love reading and knowing about different places, religions, experiences, and celebrations, so if I get a hand on the pamphlets which have these kinds of information, mainly from the tourism board, I don’t leave them.

8. Country Patches – My backpack which has traveled with me to 39 countries and each country’s patch flag is stitched on this most valued possession of mine.

9. Entry tickets and passes– Other unusual things that I carry as a souvenir from wherever I go are the entry tickets to the monuments, rail passes, concert tickets, match tickets or even some food bills of the restaurants which I like a lot.


This is all about my collection of the memories in the form of souvenirs that I bring back home with me on the return from a trip and all I can say is they are very precious and you know the worth when you return. How about you?, do you collect souvenirs of your trip too?


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