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Picture Perfect Paris

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Paris, sometimes the name is enough to give a prelude about a place or that feeling of imagination. It’s the charm and beauty of this city which brings millions of travellers here from across the globe and makes it the number 1 city in the world in terms of tourist visits. Almost everywhere you go in this city, you’ll feel like clicking a picture and capturing its beauty, that’s why I gave this blog the above title.

Although 3 days are not enough to gulp in the flavours of this city but still a lot can be done and felt in this limited time. The very first day can start with the visit to Basilica Montmartre which is a beauty in itself and provides breathtaking views of this Romantic city, you can see a lot of tourists as well as local people sitting and gazing this beauty.


The next stop can be Louvre but I would recommend to visit Louvre Square/ Grounds and take a good view of the place rather than going into the museum, undoubtedly the museum is world famous and houses the epic Monalisa painting, but sometimes it takes hours just to get in, so if you are short of time , think before getting in.

One more spot not to be missed is Notre Dame Cathedral which is an architectural beauty giving that gothic feel when you visit it. The next spot can be the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens.The beautiful fountains, green alleys, floral colour riot, historical architecture are some of the aspects of this place, rest is best experienced by going there.Very close to it lies the Latin Quarter or Neighbourhood which is famous for its bustling cafes and liveliness, go there to tickle your tastebuds and relax over a cup of coffee.

Evening is the time which raises this city’s beauty manyfold, pass through the bridges over Seine river to reach the Wonder of the World, Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel doesn’t needs an introduction, just go and get mesmerised by the beauty and glittering lights. You can climb up (the lines are generally huge) or enjoy the view from the garden with a cold Champagne and some snacks.

The next day should be reserved to visit the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’, Disneyland. Right from the kids to adults and old aged, there is something for everyone in this amazing theme and fantasy park, people come and relive their childhood and at the same time experience some adrenaline rush in the adventure rides, one such is a ride named space.

The Disneyland Parade and Fireworks are not to be missed. There are many theme restaurants and cafes inside the park, try the glazed apple candy if you have a sweet tooth.

Keep the last day to walk around the city to take a more deeper feel of it and soak in the culture. In the evening take a boat ride in the Seine river gazing the beautiful sights of Paris along it.

In the evening, walk through one of the most expensive shopping streets along Camp Elysees to reach Arc De Triomphe, to have spectacular views of the symmetrical streets of Paris and the fast moving pace of this city. Although it’s never enough to keep gazing, but you can walk from Arc De Triomphe to Eiffel to see it again and spend some hours under it before you adieu Paris a final goodbye, taking a lot of memories back. Don’t think twice before choosing Paris as a destination to visit.


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