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For the Sweet Tooth in Turkey

Turkish Churro

Turkey has a lot to offer for the sweet lovers. Turkish sweets are renowned and loved worldwide for their rich ingredients and taste. Some of the must haves are


Also known as Turkish Delight. This undoubtedly is the brand ambassador of Turkish sweets. It is Jelly based sweet dusted with sugar powder and comes in hundreds of flavours to choose from. The basic ones are rose, pomegranate, pistachio, mastic, orange etc. There are a lot of upgraded versions of Lokum too which ranges from flavours like chocolate filled with nuts, nougat, herbs etc. This definitely is a must have and makes a very good souvenir to take back home for family and friends. You can find Lokum at almost every third shop in the touristic areas, specially Grand Bazar. A good advice is to get them packed then and there rather than taking the pre packed boxes.



The rich sweet pastry, having each layer filled with assorted nuts & sugar syrup and topped up with a lot of chopped pistachios would make your mouth melt each time you think of it (happening with me at this time as I am writing about it). Some places in Istanbul serves different flavored versions of Baklava too. The best places to have Baklava are the sweet shops and bakeries around Taksim Square.



Beware of its sweetness. This deep fried dough based sweet is being made in different shapes and sizes and it’s soaked in sugar syrup till the time every bit of it gets the shiny layer of sugar. It’s very sweet in taste, easily available at almost every corner of Istanbul and other cities.



Helva_and_dondurmaTypical asian sweet made from Tahini (sesame paste). Very thick textured and usually contains dried fruits and nuts. A very good and rich sweet for the appetite as well. Turkish people love to savor it anytime.




The world famous Turkish Ice Cream. This is very different than the normal ice cream which you have tasted before. It is being made from goat milk and some natural gums found in Turkey. Dondurma has a sticky texture and it doesn’t melts but when you take it in your mouth, it tastes very smooth. Comes in a lot of different flavours. The main attraction is the sellers selling dondurma on the streets. They are dressed in traditional Turkish attire, would call you up while you walk on streets, play with a large chunk of Dondurma stuck on a rod, make you taste different flavours and all that with a lot of smiles.


“Save the best for the last they say!!!”

Save the best for the last they say!!! This truly defines Baklava, as it is the best turkish sweet and a trip to Turkey  is incomplete without savoring this mouth watering sweet. Loaded with rich nuts such as pistachios, walnuts etc., Baklava is a hard to resist sweet layered pastry which vanishes as soon as it hits your taste buds and takes you to a different state of mind with that wow!! Feel. Baklava comes in various versions and I recommended to savor all of them.



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