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The Precise Guide to Lisbon – A City Worth Loving

The Praça do Comércio, Lisbon, Portugal

There are some cities which touch your heart and leaves an everlasting impression on you which you cherish for the lifetime and always want to return to know more and more, Lisbon is the city that perfectly suits this description.

Street Art, Map My Escape

Street Art, Map My Escape

With its beautiful cobbled streets, architectural monuments, theatre and entertainment options, lively squares, musical performances, sea views, smiling locals, the charming trams, maze-like hilly pathways and an amazingly positive environment, Lisbon lives to its image of being a vibrant city.

Map My Escape

Map My Escape

You will be spoilt of choices that this city has to offer to make your visit a memorable one. There are a lot of cheap hostels around the city which is a boon for the backpackers, Baixa Chiado is the station and the neighborhood which is very close to the center, party district Bairro Alto and many other attractions which are a short walk from here, so try staying around this place.

There are a lot of good restaurants and cafes around to try some local cuisine and the famous port wine. With a cool breeze throughout the day, the evening is the time when the city doubles its charm, there are some spots where both locals and the tourists spend their evenings with music, beautiful views of the Atlantic and the light up city, relishing some great food over discussions.  Amongst many things to see and do, some of the essentials are

St. George Castle

The Jewel of Lisbon and a must visit for everyone who is going to this city is St. George Castle. Being nestled on a hill with a short walk up through the narrow streets of the historic old quarter, this place undoubtedly would give you the best views of this city. There are many towers on the surrounding walls where you can climb and have a look at the red roofs of this city, the famous 25 de Abril bridge on the Tagus river, the narrow alleys around and the other side of the city with stunning views and a clear sky which compels you to take pictures and save them as an everlasting memory. There is a minimal entrance fee of 8.5 Euros to get into the castle which covers all the parts and also the museums inside.

Jardim Botânico

A huge public garden inside the city yet very peaceful. Jardim Botanico is the place where you’ll see a lot of locals spending their quality time with the family and friends. This is the perfect place to go and chill if you get tired of walking around and exploring the place.

Praca do Commercio

Being referred as Lisbon’s biggest square situated on the riverfront of Tagus river is commonly called Terreiro do Paco amongst the locals. The square was being renovated recently as it has a lot of historic and cultural importance. The marble structures and monuments add to the beauty of this square. You can see many performers showing their talents, artistic shops around, young guys playing on the skateboards or people just relaxing over a cup of coffee.

Take a Tram Ride

Although it may sound very cliche, this for sure is an experience to take when you are in Lisbon. There are different routes in the old quarter where the tram operates, each has its own charm. So just board a tram and grab a window seat to get mesmerized by the amazing streets and architecture of Lisbon with that slow pace of life.

Walk around the historic quarter and See Cathedrals

There are many historic cathedrals and buildings that can be explored while walking around the old part of the city. One of the most famous and artistic is Se Cathedral which was built on the grounds of a mosque and has an amazing architecture. Its free of cost.

Party in Bairro Alto

The crazy yet amazing party district of Lisbon is Bairro Alto where you can see both locals and tourists flocking in late night enjoying the foot tapping music with snacks and drinks. The whole environment becomes so lively and happy that it would force you to stay late and keep enjoying.

Admire the Arts

Lisbon houses many contemporary art stores featuring the artworks of some of the best artists and painters, so if you are an art enthusiast, this city has a lot to offer.

Relax at the nearby Beaches

There are some good beaches amongst the coastline which is a short ride from Lisbon but a worthwhile experience. Whether you like relaxing on the beach or surfing on the waves, there are a lot many options to choose from.

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