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Talking to the skies : Paragliding in Pokhara (Nepal)

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Talking to the skies is what best describes  paragliding and what better place than the majestic views and mountains of Himalayas. Nepal is the answer if you want to try this amazing adventure activity.

With its clear skies, pure wind, breathtaking views of the mountains and lakes, Pokhara serves as the best paragliding resort in Nepal where adventure seekers, backpackers and other traveller flock in for having a perfect holiday.

Paragliding is generally done with an experienced pilot with you where you go to a height, wear your gliding suit, tie the parachute on your body, take a little run towards the edge of the mountain and before you realise anything , you are no more running on the land but already in the sky at a height from where you can see 360 degrees of sheer natural beauty, breathing in the most clean air , looking down from where everything looks tiny.

I did paragliding 3 times (that is everytime I go to Nepal, I do it), an amazing activity to make you feel relaxed, think about nothing and everything at the same time, feel your breath and also to see how small are the things from above that seems massive to us on the ground.

Depending on your capacity, you can also ask the pilot to do some adventure where in they make you swirl in the sky, speed up the glide, perform different kinds of stunts in the air and then finally when you touch the ground, you are thankful to nobody but yourself for doing this. Do it for the views, the fun, the adventure , the feeling of nothingness, but don’t miss it.

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