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Backpacking Guide to Nepal

Call it adventure, adrenaline, fun or any word associated with pushing you to the limits of your fear, this Asian country in the laps of Himalayas has it all, be it camping in Himalayas, bungee jumping, rafting in the Trisuli river, paragliding above the mountains and the beautiful Pokhara lake, zip lining etc and the list is endless and that too without spending a fortune. So just make up your mind, pack your bags and experience for yourself what this mountain country has to offer you.


An ancient place, which served as a trading route between India and China, this city has its own tales to tell. A city which has the most beautiful aspects of nature intact within itself, simply, every tourists dream.

Pokhara has the power to make you weak in knees with the magnificence of its temples. The cuisine here is so divine, that you will not be able to control yourself from having more and more. If you are a trekking enthusiast and looking for getaway, this place is ideal as it has Annapurna Circuit through the Annapurna Conservation Area region of the Annapurna ranges in the Himalayas.

This place will free your soul from all the troubles and make you appreciate the majestically of nature.


A land full of interesting myths, unforgettable legends and unimaginable beauty, a place which is known for its amazing collection of temples and breathtaking closeness to Himalayas, this is the place a nomad will find his/her home.

Welcome to Kathmandu, a city beautifully growing peacefully in the mountains, and having a life which is completely different than the others. Simple yet magnificent, this is the  place where one can find something new in every nook and corner. This is a city which is blessed with amazing artist, a legendary history and a welcoming culture. The mountains will cast such a spell, that no one leaves without discovering them. A place which will intoxicate your soul in such a way, that you’ll be born as a new person altogether. Come and rejuvenate your soul.  

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