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A Vegetarian’s Guide to Thailand

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Thailand being a coastal country is famous for its seafood and is a paradise for seafood lovers. Being a vegetarian, you need to look a little harder to find places which serve good vegetarian food. With the growing number of tourists and a good number of vegetarian clientele nowadays, there are more and more restaurants serving vegetarian options. Whether you are in the South or North of Thailand, you will get good vegetarian cuisine options.

Being a foodie, I cannot stay away from food. Though I love trying local cuisine, being a vegetarian leaves me with a few options throughout the world. At the same point in time, I love having my kind of food if I find an Indian restaurant during my travel and Thailand has them in plenty as Indian tourists have a major share in total tourism of Thailand.

Being a tropical country Thailand enjoys amazing varieties of fruits, majorly Pineapples, Mango, Watermelon etc., so for fruit lovers, Thailand is the perfect place.

Plus there are many traditional dishes that are being prepared in their vegetarian versions and are delicious. Some of them are:

  • Sticky rice with mango – A very healthy and delicious option to try for vegetarians is sticky rice with mango which is easily available in restaurants and roadside cafes too. These are traditional Thai rice which is a bit sticky and served with chunks of mangoes or mango pulp for that matter. Very filling yet good for the stomach.


  • Pad Thai – Thai style noodles. Although essentially served to non-vegetarian, but has its vegetarian version also. The streets are full of vendors serving this traditional Thai dish. It is a perfect blend of different ingredients being mixed and stirred in a big wok.


  • Thai Curry (Gang Jay) – World-Renowned Thai curries whether green or red, have their vegetarian versions which are essentially being served with tofu, but without any compromise in taste. Heavy and delicious is what describes Thai curries the best. It can be prepared as spicy or non-spicy according to the taste that suits you.


  • Papaya Salad (Som Tum) – The most common yet one of the most delicious traditional Thai salad is Som Tum. This lip-smacking salad is a mix of beans and fresh shred green papaya being seasoned with lime juice, tamarind paste, fresh tomatoes and a hint of sugar which adds a sweet note to this spicy dishes.


This is not all, there are many other vegetarian options being prepared with tofu and stir-fried vegetables instead of meat. Although they understand basic English but depending on the place that you are eating, just ask the waiter or the attendant for vegetarian options, Mangswirati (Thai meaning for vegetarian).

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